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We set out to provide a premium, affordable disability transport service to the community after having identified a scarcity of such services. As a result, we are delighted to now provide the opportunity to assist participants with disabilities with their transport needs in the Sydney area.

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We’ll get you where you want to go! With our affordable and accessible transport options you can maintain your independence & stay connected to what matters.
Care Transport Services recognised that an urgent demand existed for a dedicated disability transport service in Sydney specifically designed to assist people living with severe physical, intellectual and social disabilities and we determined that we would provide this resource to the market. After careful planning and deliberation, we believe we have accomplished this task.

Specialised Transport​

Wheelchair or ambulant, we cater exclusively to individuals with incapacities, ranging from individuals with hearing & visual infirmities to those living with extreme physical & intellectual handicaps. Our organisation has been established to assist & provide a premium transport service to not-for-profit organisations & government agencies.

Aged Care

Our routes are scheduled in conjunction with the needs of aged care facilities, nursing homes, government services and not-for-profit organisations to ensure each passenger’s transport needs.

Assisted Travel officer

We are able to provide trained Assisted Travel Support Officers if needed to support the participants in the vehicle.


Dependability is fundamental in ensuring a punctual service to participants attending social gatherings, medical appointments, shops, sporting and community events. We will take you there door to door.

Scheduled Share Ride

Save on fares by participants sharing the ride together to a drop off location, whereby increasing savings on your funds to achieve your goals & outcome.

Hospital & medical visits

Whether you’re looking to get to your local health facility, or perhaps looking to visit a specialist, our drivers will get you there.

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The reliable and cost-effective transport service provided by our highly skilled staff ensures that participants are no longer forced to remain isolated and are able to attend regular social outings, community events, and critical medical appointments.

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